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I was struggling to keep a budget. Every time I tried, something went wrong and I just gave up. Lana helped me figure out where I went wrong and helped me create a plan that I could stick to. Now I enjoy managing my money.
Before I met Lana I was afraid to even look at my bank account because I was so bad at finances. Lana helped me get over my fear and take control of the situation. Now I have money in the bank and I'm happy to look at my accounts.
Lana made me feel comfortable talking about my money. I was always ashamed and afraid of judgment, but she has a calmness that made me feel comfortable talking to her. I'm so glad I did, because she helped me find confidence.
When my husband lost his job, I didn't know what we were going to do. Lana helped us figure out how to pay our bills until he found another job.
I was living paycheck to paycheck and I couldn't figure out where my money was going. When I started working with Lana, I found an extra $1000 per month that I didn't realize that I had.
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In this complete financial education program you'll get:

Access to the Step-by-Step Curriculum (Value: $3,000)

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Cash Flow Audit (Value: $500)

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Until I met Lana, I didn't have much hope for my finances. I was struggling with debt, my credit score was low, and I didn't have any savings. Lana helped me to get things under control and my finances are a thousand times better now than before. I raised my credit score 120 points. I paid off $3600 in debt, and I've saved $6000 since working with her.

Working with Lana helped me to clear $10k of bad debt from my credit report.

My finances were all over the place until I started working with Lana. She helped me put structure around my money and make it work for me.


Lana helped me pay off $12k in debt. I can't thank her enough for the freedom that I have.

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